Nature reserve // Diving // Snorkeling // Uninhabited

Lobos island is located not far from Fuerteventura (about 2 km) to the north.

Lobos is a volcanic origin small island, characterized by an arid, but pure and intact, landscape. The island is only inhabited by the family of the lighthouse keeper, which also manages the island’s only commercial activity, namely a restaurant with adjoining camping, moreover Visit Canarias can rent you eco-friendly fincas (rural homes) island.

At one time the island was inhabited by many sea lions, from which it takes the name of “Lobos”.

Today, unfortunately, because of climate change that affects the movement of animals, sea lions are no longer present on the island, despite that the island was declared a nature reserve since 1982 as it hosts more than 150 species of plants and many animals such as herring gull and dolphins.

The island of Los Lobos is separated by Fuerteventura from the Strait of Bocaina, where the seabed is less than 30 meters deep and make it an ideal place for the practice of snorkeling and the diving, both offer the chance to swim among beautiful fish safely.

Thanks to several instructors on the island of Fuerteventura, Visit Canarias is able to provide the service that best suits your needs.

To reach Lobos island there are several daily ferries from Corralejo (Fuerteventura); this way you can take a trip on the island or, if you want, to camp on the spot. Alternatively Visit Canarias gives you the possibility to make catamaran or sailing boat trips around the island, departing from Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, where you can try your hand at snorkelling or in diving.

These islands have an ideal climate all year round, offering the chance to go to the beach even in January. Only in the evenings you would find a cooler climate so we suggest you to carry with you a light jacket, a sweatshirt or sweater.